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2020 Branding

Here's the reality: we and our businesses are constantly evolving and changing, and that is OKAY. In fact, that’s why you’re here, right?  I want to serve you and your business in the current stage of life you're in. Here’s my thing: I know that what I can provide you isn’t the magic answer to your need for a lasting brand. My skills, artistry, and design thinking are your supplement. Your brand is the reputation of your business. It’s what you’re known for, what your clients say about you, and how you make people feel. The way I’ll work with you is in uncovering what your brand already is. We’ll then come together and decide what visual elements tell your story, and help to bring that feeling that you want to evoke in your target market. 

I want to take your visions— regardless of how large or small, fully-formed or not— and make them into something that you’ll never get tired of looking at. I’ll take your values and what you stand for and work with you to create a mark that represents all of it cohesively, creatively, and professionally. 

I've had the opportunity to serve dozens of businesses over the years in helping to put a face to the name for their audiences, and I hope you want to add your name to the list! This right here is a partnership, and a damn good one. I’ll bring you what you never knew you needed, while you guide it to the point that completely screams you and your brand. 

I only take 2 branding projects per month, and am currently booked out through 2019.  I'll be opening up slots in increments of a few months.  When these slots open will be released via this email list first - you'll know what I'm offering, the start dates that I have open, and of course, the cost of everything.  I only require $200 down to book your spot, and payment plans are available, cause let's be real - I get it! There's a high chance that Instagram may never know about the slots that I've opened up, because they do tend to go fast and are first come first serve! If you want to know about my next round of openings, sign up below + you'll get alllll the details first when they come out.